From order through payment: Electronic Data Interchange with Bänninger

The use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) offers several clear advantages. For EDI means that information such as orders or invoices are transmitted from system to system - without manual processing. That’s why Bänninger also relies on this system. We offer our customers the opportunity to work together with us via EDI.

Rely on EDI with Bänninger – and make your processes more efficient

Collaboration with Bänninger via Electronic Data Interchange – or EDI for short – is worth your while. The automated transmission of business documents is carried out from IT system to IT system, without humans having to get involved. That offers a lot of advantages that result in remarkable cost savings in the end:

  • Faster processing: automated exchange of data between IT systems takes place with much shorter transmission/ processing times
  • Improvement of the data quality: sources of errors are reduced and multiple entries are avoided
  • Paper is saved: documents are exchanged electronically
  • New use of resources: tedious activities of manual entry eliminated, personnel can be used for more productive tasks.

Bänninger uses the following messages:

  • Orders ORDERS
  • Order confirmation ORDRSP
  • Despatch notification DESADV
  • Invoice INVOIC

Technical solutions for becoming EDI capable and saving costs in the long run

The prerequisites for communicating with Bänninger via EDI is being EDI capable yourself. For this there are various solutions:

  • EDI in-house solution - Installation of your own EDI system at your plant
  • EDI clearing centres - EDI clearing centres are experienced EDI service providers that carry out all EDI functions such as conversion or data processing.

EDI provides another benefit: whoever uses the system can not only communicate with Bänninger via EDI but also with their own customers and other suppliers.

Contact for questions and further information concerning EDI

Our EDI experts would be glad to answer your questions. Your contact person at Bänninger:

Artur Gramm



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The use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) offers several clear advantages. For EDI means that information such as orders or invoices are transmitted from system to system - without manual...

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