Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH


A success story

The history of Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH begins in 1987. The Stamm and Ertl families acquired the plastics division of Bänninger GmbH, which existed since 1909. A wealth of ideas in product development and business skills helped the company to achieve fast and healthy growth. Today, Bänninger positions itself as a technological forerunner in the industry with approx. 250 employees at the main factory in Reiskirchen and at both Staßfurt factories. Additional representative offices in Germany and abroad support the global strategic orientation of the company.

We produce with the materials, PE, PVC-U, PP-R and PP-RCT and offer our customers a dimension bandwidth of d 8 – 1000 mm for diverse moulded parts.

Objectives and principles

As non-affiliated and owner-managed company with clear structures and proximity to its customers, we also intend to continue structuring our growth ourselves.

Sustainability and ecological responsibility play a key role with all entrepreneurial decisions and in the entire value chain.

Social commitment is part of the corporate culture. Among others, we support initiatives on the topic of inclusion and we particularly promote and support young people.

Our factories


Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

The focus is on the customer

Well-established in the market

With customer-oriented commitment reliability and solidity, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of our customers, suppliers and partners in the business environment.

Numerous SME businesses and qualified specialist retailers, as well as well-known German and European corporations, which are active worldwide, rely on Bänninger products.

Sustainable cooperation

We aim for a long-term cooperation in partnership with our customers. The declared aim of this is to serve them in an optimum manner, with respect to reliability and quality. We support them with project preparation, offer preparation, right up to engineering services for the processing and therefore offer a complete range of services.


Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

Owner-managed since 1987

The Stamm and Ertl families are the owners of Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH and have been running the business since 1987.

The present Management Board is comprised of the managing shareholders Edgar Ertl, Hendrik Ertl and Christoph Stamm.

“Role model, responsibility and trust are the pillars of leadership in the company.
They are lived by us and implemented in practice.
Customer service is at the centre of our business activities.”



Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

Part of the company

Value orientation

Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH intends to be an exemplary member of society and attaches great importance to correct business practices. Our day-to-day business is conducted by ethical values and generally accepted social rules. The Management Board exemplifies these standards and also demands that all managers and employees act in accordance with the applicable law and the internal company guidelines at all times.

Clear requirements

We not only demand lawful conduct from all managers and employees, but also compliance with precise requirements, such as the observance of competition law and anti-corruption law, the handling of donations, the avoidance of conflicts of interest when performing duties, the observance of the insider trading ban and for the protection of company assets.


Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

Bänninger – That’s teamwork

Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH employs specialists from diverse commercial and technical sectors. At present, the workforce is comprised of approx. 250 employees, including the vocational trainees. They become involved in the development of new products, the use of state-of-the-art technologies in our production, service calls with our customers or in the national and international sales of our products. For optimum results, we provide them with scope for negotiation and enable them to further develop personal skills. Anyone who stands out, due to the quality of his or her work, is promoted in a targeted manner.

In return, we expect distinct openness and team spirit from each individual, alongside above-average commitment and appropriate flexibility. The company’s success is solely based on the motivation and qualification of our employees. That is why it is our aim to create general conditions for the best-possible promotion and utmost satisfaction at the workplace. As a solid, growing and technologically leading company Bänninger also offers security and prospects in equal measure, as an employer.

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