BR Successfully Requalifies for ISO Certification at Both Production Locations

The Bänninger Corporate Group, BR Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH in Reiskirchen and BR Rohrleitungssysteme GmbH in Staßfurt, Germany, once again achieved ISO 9001 and 50001 certification last Friday. In order to meet the high demands required by these audits, the entire BR team undertook intensive preparations, consisting of internal workshops, analyses of customer feedback surveys and the setting of targets for the coming year.

With the reacquisition of the internationally recognized certifications in the respective fields of quality management and energy management, the BR management team views their systematic pursuit of further development at the two German production facilities as successful. With the setting of new targets, the enterprise is laying the foundation for continuous growth, coupled with a customer-oriented and sustainable quality policy.

The company’s future plans include investments for modernizing the quality-management program and the expansion of customized special solutions in the product range. Moreover, further investments in the area of serial production and the enlargement of the product portfolio to include new standard products are also slated.

In the area of energy management, various measures for efficient power management ensure that manufacturing processes are sustainable and environment friendly.

Furthermore, customers of BR are also benefitting from improved digital communication as well as a new logistics scheme for processing orders more rapidly. No less important is the training of new specialist staff members as well as the advanced training for existing key performers. The training and advanced training measures are being carried out at both locations in accordance with proven and demanding standards, which will ensure the quality of production and the satisfaction of BR customers in the long run.


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