Official Seminary of Presentation
Baenninger in Portugal

It took place on pass day 22 of April, on Hotel Lux - Fátima, the official presentation seminary of the manufacture of pipe system in PP-RCT Baenninger, Kunststoff GmbH, organized by the national distributor, Hiperclima S.A. and gladly counted with the participation of about one hundred professionals of the sector. 

It was present Mr. Christoph Stamm, CEO of Baenninger, that show the presence of the brand world wide, in partner of Mr. Gualter Ferreira, representative of the brand to Portugal.

The presentation was divided in two parts, one practical, were the installers have the opportunity to try and test the solutions more innovators on the level of accessories and tools, and other theoretician part were was tell the history of the brand as well as the principal technical features and advantages of the PP-RCT systems. 


In order to enlarge the number of partners present in this kind of seminaries, we did another event, this time in our branch office in Oporto.

It took place in 3 of June and had the presentation by Mr. Gualter Ferreira, that gave to know to our partners from north of Portugal the PP-RCT products and solutions from Baenninger. They had the opportunity of executed welds “butt welding” and “electrofusion” on pipes and fittings.

We thanks all their participation and we hare counting in the future develop others presentations nations wide.



In the end of June we organized a tour to Baenninger with some costumers. Baenninger is placed on Germany, were have two plants. The Headquarters and principal warehouse is in Reiskirchen, near Frankfurt. In this house they produce injection molded fittings of HDPE/PP-R/PP-RCT up to 630mm. In Stassfurt are produced the pipes in PP-R / PP-RCT and the transition fittings in red brass and inox.

Is our intention to repeat this kinds of tours with the intention of bring other customers/clients.